In early May 2024, three of my friends invited me to join their crypto project…

In early May 2024, three of my friends invited me to join their crypto project. They asked me to manage their Telegram group and conduct raids to boost the project, and I agreed.

The project, an anti-rug initiative, launched on and quickly gained traction. Within four days, we reached an all-time high of 440K market cap. The team was doxxed, which built trust, but one member betrayed us.

This individual secretly sold tokens, undermining the project, and menacing the main developer that he would sell at 1M MC, who was investing heavily in marketing. On the ninth day, this snake sold $300 worth of tokens, Since it scared the 2 other main devs that he would sell all of his bag, they sold their bags causing the market cap to crash from 250K to 30K. He falsely accused the main developer of harassment, but we discovered he had been lying and creating scam coins.

I had known him for seven years, but he had lying to me for 4 years about a wallet that he had over 600K worth of BTC, but it was not his actual wallet, that he told me, because clearly, he saw that we start to know all the truth.

The community initially wanted to sue the main developers, including a childhood friend of mine. However, I mediated the situation, leveraging my position and the snake was trying to convince me of his innocence by revealing his wallet addresses. This exposed more of his lies.

I no longer speak to him, and the community has moved on.

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