I landed a job at a crypto exchange doing marketing. That lasted 6 months…

Before the pandemic I was a full time DJ. I had so much work I had to start turning it down. Then the week the pandemic struck; all my gigs got cancelled. I was set to make $7000 just from DJing in 1 week. From building up to that to then have no work. I knew I had to go into full time work.

I had been dabbling in crypto and decided that I needed to work in crypto to maximise my knowledge and opportunities. I landed a job at a crypto exchange doing marketing. That lasted 6 months and the exchange lost all the users funds in what was a bit of a scandal.

Now I work for one of the groups I was DJing for doing marketing for them. Strife came in one day to my work and told me about PLEBZ. So, I brought in, my holdings became worth more than 3 years of my salary. But I’ve held on as I know strife’s passion for this project. Goes way beyond 3 years of my salary.

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