You can be wrong 100 times in crypto, but if you win only once, you’re a winner and PLEBZ is on track for a very bright future...​

Phase 2.1

PLEBZ Tales  V1 Text Utility Launch
Kickstart the utility and enable the community with the first version of text-based utility

PLEBZ Tales Mainstream Contests
Launch initial contests to engage and grow the community.

Expand Targeted Google, Meta and X Campaign
Curated ads to promote PLEBZ Tales to new users.

Phase 2.2

Partnerships with Projects
Form strategic alliances with other token projects

Esports Platform Utility Partnership
Partner with esports platforms to integrate and begin second unique utility

Media Coverage
Publish articles across media to raise awareness and awaken the masses

Phase 2.3

Cross Bridge to Base Network
Implement cross-chain capabilities to the base network with beneficial tax mechanics

Onboard Tier 1 Content Creators and Top Streaming Collaborations
Collaborate with top-tier content creators and streamers and schedule weekly engaging shows

Tier 2 Listing and Market Maker
Secure listings on tier 2 exchanges and onboard market maker organically.

Phase 2.4

Venture Capital Investment and Collaboration
Secure a target of $500,000 investment from venture capital and initiate collaboration

Tier 1 Wallet Integration
Integrate into self-custody wallet ecosystem and enable direct one click purchase with credit card

Enhanced Processes and Automated API
Improve internal processes and develop automated APIs to seamlessly scale

Team Expansion
Hire and retain a professional social media team to grow organic user base and optimize marketing 

Subscriber Goal

Reach 2,000 PLEBZ Tales subscribers


Community Growth Targets

Aim for 5,000 holders and a market cap of $15,000,000.

Phase 3.1

PLEBZ Tales V2 Utility AI Audio Launch

Introduce AI audio overlay to add depth and more engagement amongst community

Expand Targeted Google, Meta and X Campaign
Continue and broaden geographical reach on targeted marketing campaign

Media Partnership and Meme Index Sponsorship
Partner with media outlets and sponsor game changing new products and meme-based indexes for more viewership and brand ties to the growing space.

Phase 3.2

Deploy Rug Victim Distributor Mechanism
Implement mechanisms to support victims of rug pulls and abandoned communities to support and bring them to pleb community

PLEBZ Fashion Partnership and Official Merchandise Ecommerce
Launch a dynamic ecommerce store with official PLEBZ merchandise with profitable margins

PLEBZ AI Image Content Generator
Introduce an AI tool for generating image content sponsored by PLEBZ and partners.

Phase 3.3 Completion

Tier 1 Listing and Market Maker
Secure listings on tier 1 exchanges and onboard market maker organically

Venture Capital Investment and Collaboration
Secure a $5,000,000 investment from venture capital and initiate further collaboration

First-of-its-kind PLEBZ Branded Esports League
Under the existing partnership launch THE esports meme league and host daily gaming contests with prizes to over 40m gamers across AAA game titles

PLEBZ Celebrity and Fashion Endorsement
Gain endorsements and partnerships from celebrities and fashion influencers to evolve merchandise and unlock new fans.

Subscriber Goal
Reach 8,000 PLEBZ Tales subscribers.

Community Growth Targets
Aim for 10,000 holders and a market cap of $50,000,000.

Phase 4 Finale

PLEBZ Tales V3 Utility AI Video Launch
Launch proprietary AI-powered video utility to create hours of fun, educational and emotional limitless AAA video content, by the people for the people.

Activate PLEBZ Tales Monetization & Sponsorship
Implement monetization strategies and secure sponsorships contracts securing highly favourable commercials

Staking Rewards from PLEBZ Tales

Introduce staking rewards for community members driven by plebz tales monetization channels and sponsorships.

PLEBZ Esports Team
Form an official esports team and gain AAA support

AI 4.0
Develop fully interactive ever evolving AI avatar embodying the spirit, knowledge and wisdom of the PLEBZ community, to engage and interact with the masses.

Subscriber Goal
Reach 100,000 PLEBZ Tales subscribers.

Community Growth Targets
Aim for 50,000 holders and a BLUE SKY market cap north of $1,000,000,000.

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