Why the fuck are all my balances ZERO?

So, a few years back in my first days of crypto, I knew it all after a few successful trades in BTC, ETH, XRP and the likes (or at least thought I did). I decided to take a look at these meme coins. I jumped into a couple and made a reasonable return. So now I really knew what I was doing (or at least thought I did).

That was it, I was going to become a crypto millionaire over night! I was so confident that I persuaded my partner and two of my best friends to come in with me on this “guaranteed” journey. We pooled together around $28k and piled it in to a project, that couldn’t fail (or at least that’s what I thought). We were amazed when it 2x and we saw our investment increase to almost $60k overnight. Until… I woke up one morning to see the chart dropping.

I was part of the TG, so let it be. Couple of days later we were notified that the project would be changing its name and become even more successful. So, I went along with it and kept holding. Over the next week or two, the new project was created, and everything migrated over. We were still up at this time. So, all was good. Then, there was a message on the TG group about an airdrop where we could connect our wallets up and would receive free tokens for staking. Amazing I thought, free income for being loyal. Still, I was a little unsure if I should do it or not. Maybe it was a scam? But it was on our main group, so how could it be? Oh, how I wish I had never even considered it because…

On the eve of my birthday, I was out with my partner, eating steak and drinking wine feeling really good about myself. I was making good increases and had an opportunity to make more for me and my friends. I mean, it was on the main TG right, so it couldn’t be a scam, could it? So, whilst sitting at dinner, I clicked on the link, joined up my main wallet which contained around $40k and waited for the money to role in. I woke up the next day with a hangover to check my wallet.. the fuck are all my balances ZERO?? Er, why Maybe it’s a glitch! So, I reinstalled, reloaded and retried my wallet several times as the reality started to roll in.

Nope, still zero. Fuck me!! First thought. What do I tell my partner and mates? Second thought. How do I pay it all back? Third thought. Can I get it back? I Message my good friend who you all now know as our King, Jake – aka CryptoStrife to ask if anything could be done. He told me to leave it with him and see if there was any way it was a mistake that could be reversed, or anything he could do. He couldn’t, that was it, someone else had mine and my friend’s money and there was nothing I could do about it. Holy fuck.

So, what did I do? I managed to put the last remaining cash I had into a few small projects and started to build again with our Kings help. We both went into projects that got rugged, we both had our fingers burnt on many occasions, we both also made some good choices and pulled out at the right times. So not all doom and gloom. Then, the best part in my eyes. Sitting in HK at a bar eating steak over a couple of gins he mentions this project called PLEBZ. Well, what a journey this has turned out to be. I’ve become part of an amazing community that has held together through so many downs, and have pulled together as a team, no, a family to get up every day and put the effort in to make what I believe to be the most successful, most amazing, most recognisable project out there.

I truly know in my heart; We will become a billion-dollar project and we will make a lot of people very wealthy if they stick with us and believe. So, I say to you my fellow PLEBZ. Thank you for being amazing and restoring my faith in people across this space. Showing everyone that with a positive attitude and a family mentality we can achieve the impossible. Oh, and the good news, my partner and friends all have their investments back by holding PLEBZ.

Big love to you all.

PLEBZ forever.

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