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Crypto market has been retracing after the recent hyper-bullrun. But there is this one particular meme coin, that went absolutely insane, and has been charting green candles in the sea of red. The $PLEB token!

Just few weeks ago $PLEB was merely a random baby token, sitting with a bunch of other ERC_20 tokens at about 200k market cap. But there was something that made PLEBZ stand out from every other coin — the community! The real plebz!

We have recognized these elements of potential. We’ve seen the community working hard, pushing every day… And thus written our first article about the $PLEB token on the 3rd of March, 2024. I think we can all agree that our prediction seems to be materializing, as $PLEB has gained more than 15x MC since publishing the 1st article, and continues its growth with each day.

In our new paper, we would like to cover important events that happened during the period of the last month. But most importantly, we want to share the future plans that PLEBZ got cooking.

$PLEB can no longer be viewed as just another meme token. PLEBZ are branding the meme space, starting to get recognition from some of the biggest names in DeFi.

$PLEB chart
$PLEB chart 2.feb.2024 — 24.mar.2024

1. Important events that happened for PLEBZ in March

After February, which was a bit quiet for PLEBZ (the community was building), came March with a complete turn-around as all plans began to unfold. We’d like to point out the key events that contributed to the growth of $PLEB.

1.1) The listing on Coingecko

We’re still waiting on Coin Market Cap, however, the listing on Coingecko has already been achieved. With this listing PLEBZ have gained higher trust in the eyes of new investors.

Coingecko listed $PLEB token on the 18th of March with the price of 0.8⁰28.

Since then the price of $PLEB has risen to 0.8⁰88 (314% improve). By looking at the statistics and recent trends, we are predicting that another zero will be deleted soon, and that $PLEB will not be available at 8 zeros for much longer. That would put PLEBZ at around $4.5 — $5.0 million USD market capitalization.

PLEBZ on Coingecko

1.2) Warm support from Rodney (X: @Cryptojourneyrs)

If you don’t know Rodney, you are either new to DeFi or you’re simply just not following the crypto news channels. Rodney is a YouTuber, twitter influencer, and he has been a legend (a true degen) in the crypto space, since and before the 2021.

Rodney officially announced he’s a PLEB on March 15th (just few days prior to CG listing), tweeting out $PLEB and creating a review YouTube video that you can find below.

Ever since, Rodney has been supporting PLEBZ on every step.

If you ever become a PLEB (or if you don’t), we strongly recommend that you follow Rodney and watch his content. He is not just another influencer. He is a trustworthy persona and a crypto expert specialized in low-cap gems.

Rodney becoming a PLEB

1.3) Sport celebrities becoming PLEBZ (X: @ZachBoychuk)

One of the recent, most bullish news, is that a professional hockey player Zach Boychuk has joined the PLEBZ. He tweeted:

Team $PLEB lets goooooo! It’s official. I’m on the bandwagon of Plebz army. Sending to 10m and beyond

Zach (aka Zachary) Boychuk is a sports celebrity from Canada and also a crypto enthusiast. He is a hockey forward for Eisbären Berlin in Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL).

With the support from Zach there seems to be no limits of expansion for PLEBZ. More sports celebrities may become PLEBZ after learning about this.

Everyone is starting to notice PLEBZ. With the narrative $PLEB has, it’s quite hard to resist the temptation of not becoming one yourself!

Follow Zach on Twitter:

Zach Boychuk — becomes a PLEB


2. What are PLEBZ cooking for the future?

Previous chapter mentioned some significant moments from the past few weeks. Now let’s focus on what we can expect to see in the future.

What exactly are PLEBZ cooking in the background?

CMC listing pending

It is only a matter of time, when Coin Market Cap is going to list $PLEB token. The application has been submitted days ago. We are still waiting for them to review our application. When CMC listing happens a significant price push can be expected. This is also a good indicator of how early and young PLEB still is.

More celebrities joining PLEBZ

After Zach Boychuck, we can expect more sports professionals to become PLEBZ. There are talks and phone calls being made in the background, which we can’t disclose. But once it is official, you’ll all find out through public channels. $PLEB is going mainstream. You have no idea how bullish this is for the project.

CryptoStrife doxxing himself

Strife (the key member of the PLEB community, the leader), is going to dox himself in the near future. Perhaps some of you already know who he is, and how well connected he is. He is a very successful businessman, he has crypto/investing experience, and we PLEBZ can all be thankful to have such person on board. Once he reveals his identity to public, trust me, this is going to be big.

Testimonial content and platform development

Every PLEB in the community has a set of skill. We all work together. We have film makers, art image makers, creative content writers, music creators, and many more. PLEBZ will develop a platform, via which we will be able to release testimonial contents, focusing on PLEB life. It will be great to hear motivational stories from every PLEB individual out there, on how $PLEB as a token (and more importantly, as a lifestyle) impacted their real life.

PLEBZ Indonesian KOL’s

As CryptoStrife (Pleb King) mentioned, he met with an Indonesian influencer at a certain crypto event. They talked and are creating plans on how to push $PLEB to Indonesian market. On this occassion I’d also like to point out that we have a Medium article about PLEBZ in Indonesian language. You can read our Indonesian article here. There are also going to be Telegram upgrades, for new PLEB holders from Indonesia.

Mass StockTwits Raiding

StockTwits is a social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. And PLEBZ are going to make full advantage of this. We intend to trend on StockTwits and get many new eyes on us.

Market Maker engagement

One of the most bullish news. PLEBZ are now connected with a certain Market maker, which we cannot disclose just yet. But basically all you need to know is that we have a trusting relationship with this Market maker, and that they are going to help us list on major exchanges. We’re not talking about 3rd tier small CEX’s. We’re talking big volume here! Exchanges that are going to bring millions in daily volume to $PLEB.

Bullish coordinated AMA’s

PLEB is going to be featured on many Twitter (X) AMA’s where everyone will be able to hear where things are going, who exactly are PLEBZ, what is the project about, and ask open questions. With AMA’s $PLEB will achieve additional outreach, while also building trust amongst crypto enthusiasts.

PLEBZ real world member meet up

Mid april, London UK — PLEBZ are going to have a gathering. Everyone is invited to join, to get to know each other, to connect and share ideas for the future. PLEBZ are a community. We all work together.

PLEB the crypto community of PLEBZ
PLEBZ — community gathering

PLEBZ — Final words

PLEBZ has truly done some magnificent community work in the past. Community always stand together strong and if you watch who has been here since day 1, we are still all here. No one is leaving the project, selling, except those who do not know the story nor the plans for the future (day traders).

True PLEBZ are working hard, creating, pushing $PLEB token with each day, to a new level — the beautiful chart we have is just a reflection of hard work and trust we have managed build in the past. And will continue building even harder.

We all need to recognize that $PLEB is becoming a BRAND in the crypto meme space. PLEB is managing stuff from a business perspective. We are not your ordinary token. We are pushing differently, we are building partnerships and we’re branding this thing.

Remember, once a PLEB, always a PLEB!

And if you join PLEBZ, do not forget:

  • There is no dev — the community does all the work
  • Every PLEB should push the project (spread good word online and offline)
  • We never ask “WEN ____”, we always trust the proces
  • We never hurt the chart
  • (For the complete PLEB allegiance, see the website at

Special thanks too all PLEBZ out there: CryptoStrife, Jenna, ToMarz, Smallchineseman, Lady-T, DogenDefi, JcBAYC, and many more individuals doing hard work everyday.

Sending love!

The PLEBZ community


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