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Dear crypto degens! Hope you’re all well and feeling bullish for the year 2024, which we might say started with a bang!

Ethereum and Bitcoin are trending towards their all-time highs, and as we all know altcoins are usually the ones to follow. Whoever was pilling up their ERC20 wallet during the bear market is probably very happy now, as the bulls have began to show their true power.

Can we expect BTC to finally cross the $100k USD value this year? — Here is an interesting article published by Forbes, where you can find some of the biggest crypto names talking about 2024 predictions, such as CZ Binance, Cathie Wood and Nicholas Sciberras.

However, today, I’d like to focus on a new ERC20 token that caught my eye. It’s called a PLEB token (ticker $PLEB). And I would like to point out 3 facts that make me (and the entire Plebz community) extremely bullish about the future of $PLEB. It might look like just another MEME coin, but I believe it could be a lot more than that.


Most people think the big money in crypto is in day trading, but the holy grail in cryptocurrency industry right now is spotting the gems before the public knows about it. — Olawale Daniel


PLEB: Basic token info and helpful external resources

These are the official PLEB crypto token links. Never use links and addresses that are non-matching. Never open anything that you may receive via private messages — Always go to official sources. You should do your due diligence and double check that data you are using is an exact match.

Tokenomics of pleb crypto token

Now let me introduce you to 3 extremely bullish facts about PLEBz crypto. And when you’re done reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


1. The earliness — PLEB is just starting

There’s this saying: “You can be wrong 100 times in crypto, but if you win only once, you’re a winner.”

I am tired of listening to people complaining how they missed Shiba Inu in 2021. Or Floki in 2022. Or Pepe in 2023. And the list goes on. Fact is these people usually do not invest in crypto tokens early. They chase green candles when a cryptocurrency is already listed on centralized exchanges (e.g. Coinbase). Well. Sorry, but thats kind of late to expect a 100x gain from your investment. There’s to many people already in the project.

While most of meme coins die, some are bound to explode. And they do not show these “explosive” signs on the chart from the get-go. Chart is just a consequence of work done by the team and the community. If you find an early token with a strong foundation, you know you have a true gem in your hands. $PLEB might just be it.

PLEB is early. It was launched on February 2nd, 2024. And is currently trading at around 250k market cap. Imagine what your gains would be, if you’d swap only $100 USD for $PLEB tokens? And then this moons to 100 million market cap — Which I might say is a completely realistic prediction.

CMC and Coingecko effect on price of a token

Cryptocurrencies get an initial boost once they are listed by CMC(Coinmarketcap) and CG (Coingecko).

Pleb has yet to be listed there. And it is only a matter of time. These listings usually have big impact on the chart, and holders that are in a certain crypto token before CMC / CG, tend to collect big profits. The early bird catches the worm.


2. Secrecy surrounding Pauly0x and $PLEB deployment

Pleb token has been launched by a mysterious deployer, who used plebz.ethENS (domain name service registered on Ethereum blockchain).

You may have heard of Pauly0x if you are into crypto. Pauly is an influencer and is behind some of the more successful projects in cryptocurrency world. His work includes $PORK (Pepe Fork) and $PNDC (Pond Coin). Basically when he Tweets about a certain coin, that coin usually moons.

If you’d like to read more about Pauly0x, you can find an article here, describing how Pauly managed to get people to send him bunch of $ETH to his wallet for absolutely no reason. He posted the wallet address and told his audience “Send ETH. You get nothing in return.” — The ENS domain is named yougetnothing.eth and in less than 48 hours from original post, Pauly had millions in his wallet.

Why are things strange when it comes to relationship between Pauly0x and Plebz?

Well, things become mysterious when you see that plebz.eth belonged to Pauly0x. Until the exact day when PLEB token was created by plebz.eth new owner “Plebz_Deployer”.

Question here is: Could Pauly be the deployer? Could PLEB be his latest token? Is he involved somehow?

Merely a day after a successful launch of PLEB token, the mysterious dev suddenly contacted the community saying he is giving the project into their hands. He transferred ownership of plebz.eth ENS to ceokirby.eth, who then gave it to Jenna — also a pleb community member/leader.

The original dev gave the community access to all social media, private keys, etc. And disappeared. Is he gone for real, or is he watching from the shadows? Who and with what purpose transferred plebz.eth domain the exact same day PLEBz token was created? Many questions that cannot yet be answered.

If Pauly is somehow involved in ERC20 PLEB token, then things are for sure to get very interesting. Just look at what’s going on with his other tokens. PORK has MC of $150 million USD.

Imagine $PLEB at that level!

I guess the future will also bring more clarity regarding this matter.


3. Outstanding community of PLEBZ

As mentioned in the previous chapters, PLEB is a community token. Meaning it is decentralized and has no developer, hiding behind the scenes. With contract being renounced and ownership transferred to a dead wallet, no changes and no manipulation can be made in the future.

All the hard-work is done by the holders. And I need to emphasize that a ton of work has been done in a month since birth of the PLEB token. By Plebz for the Plebz.

Some of the most memorable community members pushing this project forward are:

real pleb token — erc20

These are just the ones that spring to mind at the moment. There are lots of hard-working Plebz out there that should also be mentioned. However, the list has to end at some point. Apologies to all PLEBz who were not included on the list! 🙂

An exciting fact is that our PLEB CryptoStrife is soon going to dox himself, revealing his identity to everyone. And perhaps you’ll be positively surprised when you find out who he is!

Note that all PLEBz can be seen posting outstanding content about the $PLEB token. Daily shilling on X (Twitter) is the most common marketing method.

However, some plebs went as far as posting on popular subredits (e.g. CryptoMoonShots), create beautiful image arts (like the one you’ve seen above), do funny cool rap songs … and this pleb created a Wojak YouTube video which you can watch below.

Regardless what the chart movement is, plebz are always positive and stick together. Plebs don’t ask WEN LAMBO. Plebz do not cry. Plebz work hard and they are always spreading good word about $PLEB token.

I’ve been a part of many TG groups. I’ve been in many tokens. I must say the chemistry in PLEB community is something different. People are actually nice and patient. Some groups will ban you instantly when you begin to ask “tough questions”.

That’s not the case with this community. Plebs are transparent. They will provide you with answers.

Did I mention a simple PLEB even opened a merch shop, where you can buy a shirt with $PLEB motive. Now, this is what I call community token!

Mark my words — $PLEB will flip $PEPE and $PORK and the likes!

Thank you for reading. And I wish you all the best!


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